ChartPattern Trader's alert system is the program component that sits "behind the scenes" monitoring all data that comes in and checks it against the criteria that is entered by the user.


If the criteria is met (for example: "Alert me when AAPL price hits daily high", or "Alert me when GOOG price moves up more than 3 points within 5 minutes"), then the alert system will notify the user by using whatever the notification methods were that were entered for the particular alert.


NOTE: the alert system can only act on the data that is streaming in. That means that if you have an alert on some symbol that is in a portfolio that is not currently brought up, the alert will not be triggered, since the system does not have the data for the symbol.


There are six  types of alerts. They are:


Alerts that can be entered in the Alert Editor

Single Symbol - applies only to one symbol


Multi-Symbol - applies to a list of symbols entered by the user


Portfolio - applies to all symbols in the specified portfolio


Global - applies to all symbols


Trade-Fill - alerts you when any trade fills come in from the brokerages you use in ChartPattern Trader

Alerts that are drawn in the chart


Trendline - this alert is specific to a particular chart and can trigger if the price on the chart goes above/below a line drawn on the chart.