Candle Patterns Detection

ChartPattern Trader can do candle pattern detection, on charts - using a custom Candle Patterns option, in paintbars or in scans.


Candle pattern detection is highly susceptible to certain definitions such as what is a "long" or a "short" candle, what defines a "doji", and how to determine whether a candle wick is short or long.


ChartPattern Trader allows the user to set some parameters that clarify these definitions, as you can see in the following pages:


Available Candle Patterns


Candle Patterns on Charts


Candle Patterns in Simple Paintbars/Scans


Candle Patterns in Advanced Paintbars/Scans


Also note that as a candle is built with the incoming data, the candle pattern for the candle may show up, then disappear. It is better to detect patterns using candles that already finished forming - using the Ago parameter of 1.