Single-symbol News


News - bulbs

ChartPattern Trader will collect news stories streaming in and store them. When a new story for a particular security comes in, there will be a light bulb next to the symbol. The intensity of the bulb indicates how recent the news story is. Clicking on the bulb will bring up the Symbol News window:


News - for symbol


This window will display all news for a particular symbol. To switch symbols, click on a different symbol in the list on the left. The bulb (news bulb) for the symbol will disappear once its news are shown, and will only reappear if some new news item comes in from the news source. Items that were already read are marked with a check mark (Checkmark).


The internal browser pane can be hidden by the Hide option in the ribbon menu. If it is hidden, the whole item can still be viewed in the external browser by right-clicking on the news item in the table and selecting the Open in a Separate Browser option.


All News


News - all


The All News window is reached from the Dashboard, by selecting the All News tile. It is similar to the Symbol News window, except it displays all the news that have been collected, in chronological order, not just the news for a particular symbol. The green block to the left of the news item indicates how recently this item was received by ChartPattern Trader. Items that were already read are marked with a check mark (Checkmark).