Selecting Trades to Analyze

Adding Trades


There are several ways a trade can be added to the Option Risk Analysis window.


ORA - add option


Click on the Add Option button in the Main tab of the ribbon menu. An option chain selector for the stock will pop up and let you select an option to add to your list of trades.


You can also click on the Add Underlying button in order to add an equity trade (for example, for Buy/Write strategies).



ORA - dragdrop


You can also drag/drop the option to be added from a portfolio window.



Editing Trades


Double-click on the trade's data column (for example, Qty or Price) in order to change it.


Removing Trades


Trades can be temporarily removed from analysis by un-checking the checkbox on the left of the trade in the table.


ORA - checkuncheck


Or permanently removed by clicking on the cancel button in its row or highlighting the row and clicking the Remove Row button in the Main tab on the ribbon menu.


ORA - remove row


You can also clear the whole trades table by clicking on the Clear All button in the Main tab on the ribbon menu.