Paintbar Placement / Parameters

Once you create the paintbar, you can place it on any chart just like an indicator.


First, you would go to the Indicator Selection window and place at Paintbar indicator into the chart. You can place it on the main chart or on extra charts.


PB - placement


The paintbar indicator parameters include:



Paintbar Indicator Parameters (for non-Cloud paintbars)


The paintbar being displayed - choose from the list of paintbars that have been added to the system.


The paintbars can be displayed in many ways on the chart:


Candle Color - the color of the paintbar (if any) is assigned to the corresponding candle, overriding the original candle color

Band (on top, middle or bottom) - a narrow band of colored shapes

Above/Below Candle - a colored shape shows up above or below the candle

Background (full, 1/2 etc.) - the chart background for the corresponding candle is colored by the paintbar


Relevant only for Band and Above/Below Candle placement options - controls the vertical size of the shapes.


The translucency of the color. From 0 (opaque) to 100 (transparent).

Default Shape

The shape of the paintbars. Note that if the paintbar, in its code, specifies an explicit shape, that would override the Default.

Plot over previous paintbar band

Allows to overlap paintbar bands

Adjust Width

If selected, will adjust the width of the paintbar shape to the candle width on the chart (distorting the shape as needed).

Draw in Foreground/Background

Draws the paintbar in background or foreground of the chart. Not relevant for Background placement option.

PB - edit icon

Clicking on this button will open the Paintbar Editor for the paintbar that was selected.




Custom Paintbar Parameters


A paintbar's definition can set up colors that can be customized by the paintbar's user.


A paintbar's definition can set up alerts that can be customized by the paintbar's user. Any such alerts will be shown in the Parameter Editor on the bottom.

Custom Parameters

A paintbar may define custom numeric parameters that are user-settable. These, if defined, will also show in the Parameter Editor.