Paintbars are a feature in ChartPattern Trader that allows custom coloring of candles or drawing of bands, shapes, curves, lines or text on charts based on user-defined formulas/algorithms that involve indicators and candle values. They can also be used as Scans in portfolios.



Steps for Creating and Using a Paintbar



Open the Paintbar List Manager from the dashboard, and clilck the New button on its ribbon menu to create a new paintbar.



paintbar - step 1



Use the paintbar editor to create a paintbar. You can use the Simple editor that doesn't involve any "code", or the C# language-based Advanced editor.


Paintbar - step 2


Make sure to enter the unique ID, a descriptive name and short name for the paintbar before saving it.


Once you save the paintbar, it will show in the list of paintbars in the Paintbar List Manager so you can change it or delete it.


paintbar - step 3



Now you can place your new paintbar on a chart. To do that, select the Paintbar indicator to place on the chart and pick the newly created paintbar inside it. Then edit its parameters to make it show exactly as you like.


paintbar - step 4



Now your paintbar will plot on your chart, in the color, size and placement that you selected.


paintbar - step 5