Portfolio Window - Index Panel

A portfolio window can have an Index Panel on top of it to display current market indices.


Indexes - port


Displaying the index panel can be turned on/off from the Indexes tab of the ribbon menu by checking the Show Index Panel option.



Each index panel must be connected to a quote source - same as portfolios. The portfolio and index panel source do not have to be the same.


The portfolio panel's colors and layouts can be changed, same as for Tiled Portfolios.


There are quite a few different tile layouts available. Some include inline charts, some do not. The color sets can be changed as well.


The Dynamic Colors control the background colors of the tiles. With the option selected, the background color changes depending on the current change for the symbol.


If the tiles do not completely fit on the window, you can scroll them right/left by using the Scroll Bar below the panel.


The specific indexes to be displayed are selected by clicking on the Select Indexes button on the Indexes tab of the ribbon menu.


Just like with Tiled Portfolios, the indexes' display order can be changed by dragging the tiles around with the mouse.