Portfolios - Creating and editing



Creating a Portfolio


There are two ways to create and edit portfolios.


1.Through the Portfolio Editor. You get to it by picking Edit Portfolios on the Dashboard - either from the top menu or from the tile.


2.Use the Create Portfolio option on theDashboard and then use various editing options from the Portfolio Window itself.



Editing a Portfolio


Port Edit Small


The portfolio editor has two panes. On the left, you see the list of your portfolios and watch lists. When you select one (or create one), its contents show on the right and can be edited.


You can add a portfolio/watchlist, delete an existing portfolio/watchlist or make a copy of an existing portfolio/watchlist by using the three buttons at the top

Port Edit - Add Delete Copy



Once you select a portfolio to edit, you can edit it in the table on the right. You can add or delete symbols and specify the quantity, the paid price, commission, purchase date and a note to yourself for each symbol. You can enter the same symbol on several rows in the portfolio, for example if you bought it in several transactions.


NOTE: If you insert a separator symbol (three dashes - ---) in the list, you will get a collapsible sub-group in the portfolio (a sub-portfolio). Add the name of the sub-group after the dashes as part of the symbol. Something like this:   ---mystocks


The Split Adjust option will allow you to adjust the Quantity and Paid values on a stock after it splits.


The Consolidate option determines whether a symbol that is entered several times in the portfolio will show as one row or several rows on the portfolio monitor window.




You can also rearrange the symbols in the list by dragging them over to a new position, or delete them by dragging them to the trash bin.




When viewing a portfolio, you can press the key-shiftkey-Del key to delete the currently highlighted row.


You can also add symbols to the portfolio by pressing the key-ins key - or just start typing a symbol to add to the portfolio, and a dialogue box will pop up to complete typing the symbol or multiple symbols.