Settings - Data Sources - News

This is where you configure which news sources should be active on which portfolios' symbols, and set their parameters:



Settings - data sources - news


Available Sources - this is the list of news sources to which ChartPattern Trader can connect. Check the ones that you want to activate. Clicking on a source will select it so that its parameters can be edited in the pane on the right.


Selected Source Name - shows which source has been selected in the Available Sources list so that its parameters can be changed.


Portfolios to Monitor - lets you select on which portfolios' symbols this news source should collect the news. In addition to checking the specific portfolios, you can also select All Portfolios or Active Portfolios (meaning the ones in currently open portfolio windows).


Other Symbols to Monitor - here you can specify (comma- or space-separated) the list of symbols on which you would like, specifically, for the news source to gather news.


Other News Source Settings - settings specific to the selected news source. For example, if the source is a snapshot (vs. streaming) one, you can specify polling frequency here.



NOTE: the Portfolios to Monitor and the Ad Hoc Symbols can only be specified for news sources that can monitor the news for specific information. Some news sources (such as  Stockwatch) cannot, and these sections will not be displayed when these sources are selected.