Settings - Trading - Security

Authentication When Trading

ChartPattern Trader requires extra authentication for all Trading Transactions, to make sure it is the correct user initiating the transaction and not someone who found the computer running and logged in.


When asked for such authentication, if you enter either of the following, it will allow you to proceed:



ChartPattern Trader Account Password

Each user has an account that is logged into at the beginning of each session. If the Remember Password is selected in the ChartPattern Trader Login window once, then on the subsequent sessions that window will not be brought up and the user will be automatically logged in, but in order to initiate a trade this password can be used to authenticate the user.

Brokerage Account Password

This will work for brokerages for which you would enter the login information in the Trading Account Setup. For others (such as Tradier or IB), the user cannot be authenticated by the brokerage account password, because ChartPattern Trader doesn't have that information, so the authentication has to be either by the ChartPattern Trader Account Password (see above) or the Security PIN (see below).

Security PIN

As described below, ChartPattern Trader allows you, if you prefer, to select a Security PIN that you can use to authenticate your trades without having to enter possibly elaborate other account passwords.



You can select when ChartPattern Trader will request authentication from you. The options are:


Once per session, per account

Authentication will be requested once per session for every trading account

Once per session

Authentication will be requested once per session, and will apply to all accounts - unless you entered the Brokerage Account Password as your authentication. If you did use Brokerage Account Password, and switch to a different account, it will ask for authentication again.

Inactive more than X minutes

Same as "once per session" in principle, but the authentication will expire after X minutes (where you can set the X).

On every transaction

Authentication will be requested every time you try to trade.


Security PIN


As mentioned above, for your convenience you can specify a Security PIN - a separate password that you will use to authenticate yourself for trading. For additional security, after several consecutive authentication failures, this Security PIN will be disabled.


Securing the Security Settings


Any time you change any of your security settings, you will have to re-enter your ChartPattern Trader Account Password - for additional protection.