Showing the Scan Results in the Portfolio

Once the scan is applied to the portfolio, the scan results can be shown.
NOTE: each scan may have several results. If you would like to have more than one scan result in a scan, you'd have to use the SetScanResult function that would include the scan result number (0-based).


SetScanResult("Got One");      this would trigger the first scan result and show it in the first scan result column.

SetScanResult(1, "Got One");  this would trigger the second scan result and show it in the second scan result column

... 2, 3, etc.


NOTE: you may specify the column caption for the particular scan result. You use the SetScanResultColumnName function to do that.
NOTE: when you specify multiple scan results, the column number HAS to be a literal number. It cannot be a variable.


SetScanResultColumnName(2, "MyScan");      this would show MyScan caption on the 3rd (remember, 0-based) scan result column.


Scanner - display


There are two columns that you can choose to place on the portfolio - Scan and Scan Date/Time. These two columns will reflect the current state of the scan for the symbol.


The Scan column will show the color, value and/or the message that the scan passes when triggered.


The Scan Date/Time column will show the time the currently showing triggered scan was first triggered.


The Filter setting on the Scanner tab controls whether the rows/symbols for which the scan is not triggered show in the portfolio. If you turn Filter on, only the scan-triggered rows will show.