System Menu

Each ChartPattern Trader window has a system menu that is accessed by clicking on the caption icon of the window - in the left top corner of it.





In addition to the standard operating system menu items such as Move, Size, Close etc, there are additional, ChartPattern Trader-specific items added.


Bring ChartPattern Trader to Front - sometimes all ChartPattern Trader windows do not show when you activate the application. This brings them out.


Show ChartPattern Trader Dashboard... - brings up the Dashboard window (this can also be done by hitting key-shiftkey-F12, but that key combination can be changed in Keyboard Shortcuts).


Set as Default - this makes the way the current window is set up a default for any new windows of this type that are created. The windows that already have their set up saved and are brought up later still have their old set ups.


Set as Default for All - this makes the way the current window is set up a default for any window of this type, including existing ones.


Restore Closed Window - as you close windows, they will be saved in a list. This option will allow you to restore windows from the list.


Translucency - allows you to make the window translucent


Lock/Unlock Window, Lock/Unlock All Visible Windows - when you lock a window, you won't be able to close it, move it or resize it.