Trade Ticket

The Trade Ticket window's exact look depends on the brokerage to which it connects, but the general functionality is the same.


Trading - Trade Ticket


The trade ticket allows you to enter the trade order, with parameters depending on what the brokerage to which you are connecting allows.


The price for the order can be "pegged"  to the current real time quote's Last, Bid, Ask or some offset from those, to facilitate trading in fast markets.


Since some traders like to trade in halves or quarters of their position, we added a convenient "half" button to the QTY field.


Trade Ticket - View


The View tab of the ribbon menu on the window will allow you to turn on/off the Balances, Quote, and Quantity Tabs panels on the ticket.



The Quantity Tabs are synchronized with the QTY field in the ticket. If you have a position, its quantity will be the first tab in the list of Quantity Tabs and will stay there. Clicking on any tab will place the quantity that is in the tab into the QTY field.


Clicking on tabs that are close to the edge, either on the right or on the left, will change the quantities sequences in the tabs upwards or downwards, respectively.