Charts - Backfill and clearing

Clearing (deleting) data on the chart


There are several ways you can delete some intraday data for a particular symbol.


Mass-delete - you can delete one or more days' worth of data from the chart by using the Clear button on the Main tab of the chart's ribbon menu. Click in the little arrow (Arrow on button) on the button to bring up the clear options.

Charts - clear intraday

Delete spikes - remove single anomalous data points. You do that by right-clicking on the chart and selecting the appropriate Spike Removal option. This removes one point only (or several, if they are all at same price level). Sometimes there are several spike data points at different price levels,  so this action may have to be repeated until you can see that there is no more spike on the chart.

Charts - clear intraday spikes

Delete individual data points in the Raw Data window.



Backfilling the chart


As the streaming data comes in for a symbol, ChartPattern Trader records it and adds it to the chart. If you need some of the previous, historical data added to the chart, you can add it to the chart by backfilling it in - both in intraday and historical charts.


Charts - backfill source


You can also use the Settings - Charts - General to set ChartPattern Trader up so that it will automatically backfill the chart when you bring it up, using the pre-saved data source.