Settings - Charts - General


Data Retrieval - these options control some actions that charts initiate when opening or active

Active Quote Subscription

If checked, the chart actively subscribes to the quotes for the chart's symbol in order to get them and plot them. If not checked, the subscription is passive - that is, if some open portfolio contains the symbol and is being updated, the chart will update with new data, otherwise it won't.

Real-Time Updates for Historical Charts

If checked, the last candle on historical charts will update as the Level I data for the current day for the symbol comes in. If not checked, the candle will not update with current data and will only show what the backfill brings in.

Auto Backfill Intraday Charts

If checked, as you open an intraday chart, it will initiate a backfill automatically.

Auto Backfill Historical Charts

If checked, as you open a historical chart, it will initiate a backfill automatically.



Tracing - these options control the tracing on the charts

Always Show Trace

This is the default setting for the Always Show Trace setting in charts. Changing it inside a chart will change it for that chart only


If checked, the trace will always show on the chart as you move the cursor around, unless you hold down the key-shift key


If unchecked, the trace will only show on the chart when you hold down the key-shift key.

Default Trace

This is a default setting for the Default Trace setting in charts. Changing it inside a chart will change it for that chart only.


oFreestyle - the crosshair will follow the mouse and show the nearest candle's values in the Trace Panel. The crosshair's Y and X values will show on the axes. Will switch to the Snap to Candles mode if you hold down the key-ctrl key.


oSnap to Candles - the crosshair will show at the candle nearest to the mouse, and will show the candle's values in the Trace Panel. Will switch to the Freestyle mode if you hold down the key-ctrl key.



Indicator Actions - these parameters determine how the chart allows you to click on indicators

Highlight indicator when mouse hovers

If checked, as you move your mouse over a particular indicator's lines or shapes in the chart, it will react to show that it can be selected. You can choose how to show over which indicator the mouse currently is: the indicator may change color, change thickness, show indicator value, or change the mouse cursor to a hand cursor.

Indicator Edit Action

Here you can select how you can edit the indicator's parameters in the chart - by single- or double-clicking on it. If you select None, then neither the single or double click will edit the indicator's parameters.




Max # of Days of Intraday Data

Determines the maximum number of days that intraday charts can display. Even if CPT has more data, the intraday chart will only that many days. If there is not enough data collected to show the maximum number, fewer days will be shown.

Compress Tick Data to OHLC Beyond X days

In order to save space and speed up processing, ChartPattern Trader will compress the intraday data that is more than a certain number of days old into format that will preserve the candles but will lose the tick data. This option determines what that number of days is.

Consolidate Data on Next App Start

As ChartPattern Trader operates, its main quotes data file may get fragmented. This option will cause the data consolidation to run the next time you start the program, thus compacting and reducing the data file.






These two settings control how fast the charts (big and inline) update. The higher the value, the faster the charts will update, but fast updating takes up more processing power (CPU) and may, in some cases, slow down your computer. If that happens, try lowering the Performance settings. In most cases, you won't really notice any difference in chart updating but the CPU use will go down.

Auto-Assign Indicator Colors on Main Chart

When you're adding indicators to the main chart, if this option is checked, the colors for the indicator are automatically assigned from the color set's indicator colors. If it is unchecked, and the indicator you're adding had a default setting saved, the colors will come from the default setting.

Use One Candle Scroll Increment

If checked, when scrolling the chart using the scroller arrows or the key-arr-left and key-arr-right keyboard keys, the chart will scroll by exactly one bar or candle. If not checked, that scrolling increment will vary depending on the zoom level.

Annotations Unique Per Chart

If checked, any annotations drawn on a chart belong strictly to that chart and do not show up on any other charts for the same symbol. If unchecked, the annotations drawn on a chart are shared between all similar-style charts for the same symbol. See Sharing Annotations Between Charts.

Load Template Resizes Chart

When loading a chart template into the chart, if this option is checked, the chart is resized to the saved template's size. If this option is not checked, the chart will retain its size, although all other parameters will be reset as per the template.