Program Performance

Some users, especially those with high number of open charts and following a lot of high volume symbols simultaneously, may experience some issues with the program performance, such as high CPU and memory utilization.


These are some tips to improve the performance without impacting the program's usability:


Reduce the number of open charts by closing the ones you don’t need. It is easy to bring a chart back up - just double click on its symbol in the portfolio.


In the Settings - Charts - General window's Miscellaneous section, move the Chart Performance slider to the middle. You will not see much  noticeable difference,  but it will have a very noticeable performance impact.


In the same section section, move the Inline Chart Performance slider all the way to the left. If you have a lot of inline charts showing on your portfolios, this will help quite a bit.


In the Settings - Charts - General window's Data section's Max # of days of Intraday data – see if you can reduce it, if you don't need that many. This impacts performance as well as memory usage.


In the same section, take a look at the Compress Tick data to OHLC beyond X Days – this is set to 10 by default).  If you don't use tick charts, and you are watching high volume symbols, you will end up having huge # of ticks per symbol (SPY for example may have 4-5 million ticks).  When dealing with charts and raw data windows, having that many ticks will definitely impact performance.  Reduce this setting.