Settings - Application - General

Global - various global settings

Snap to Window Edges

If checked, as you move or resize windows in ChartPattern Trader, they will snap to other nearby ChartPattern Trader windows or to the edges of the screen. The Sensitivity parameter sets how close you have to move or resize the window to the edge for it to snap to it.

Display Time Zone

Lets you select the timezone for all time displays in ChartPattern Trader.

Portfolio Basis

Lets you select which value to use when calculating the values of holdings in your portfolios. The Long/Short option means that Bid will be used to calculate long positions and Ask will be used to calculate short positions.

Typing on Portfolio will:

This setting determines what happens when you press a letter key while a portfolio window is active.


Add Symbol  - if this is selected, pressing the letter key will bring up the Add Symbols to Portfolio  Portfolio Basis dialog


Find Symbol - if this is selected, pressing the letter key will jump the selection to the next symbol in the table that begins with this letter.


Date & Numeric Formats - these settings control how numbers and date/times are formatted when displayed in ChartPattern Trader.


Windows allows you to set up your culture preference. This controls things like decimal separators (decimal comma vs. decimal point), date and time formats ( 04/10 - is that April 10th or October 4th?)


The format for price display (such as Last or Bid or Ask). Here and below, the numeric format specifiers are as described here. In short, 0 stands for a digit that is always there, # stands for a digit that can possibly be there.  So if the format is ###.0#,  12.25 would show as is, but 14 would show up as 14.0.


The format for dates display. Here and below, the date/time format specifiers are as described here.


The format for displaying Date and Time together

Short Time

The format for displaying time as a short text. For example: 2:17 pm

Long Time

The format for displaying time more precisely, but usually as a longer text. For example: 14:17:25


Other - various other application settings

Monitor on Which to Show Notification Popups

If you choose, ChartPattern Trader will pop up notifications in the lower right corner of the screen - for things like alerts or some errors.  If you are running on multiple monitors, this setting determines on which one of the monitors the notifications will pop up.

Show Beta Versions When Checking for Updates

If checked, when checking on our web site if there are any newer versions, ChartPattern Trader will look for newer beta versions, and not just newer production versions of the software.

Separate Task Bar Icons for Portfolios

If checked, for each portfolio window there will be a separate task bar icon.

Separate Task Bar Icons for Child Windows

If checked, for each window such as Charts, Level II, Raw Data etc. there will be a separate task bar icon. It's not recommended to choose that option, since, if you open several windows, it will clutter up your task bar.

Child Windows on Top

If checked, windows such as Charts, Level II, etc. will always be on top of Portfolio windows. If not checked, they will overlap each other with no particular precedence.

Minimize to Taskbar Notification Area

If unchecked, when minimizing the whole ChartPattern Trader, it will hide all windows and still show the task bar icon for. If checked, the task bar icon in that case will disappear as well, and the only way to show CPT's windows again would be from the Task bar notification window icon.


There are three ways to minimize all CPT's windows:


1. From the right-click menu on the floating logo.

2. From the right-click menu on the icon on the taskbar notification area.

3. By clicking on the Minimize All button on the dashboard or on any portfolio window (in the upper right corner, to the left of other system buttons).


Restore from Taskbar Notification Area

Determines whether a single click or a double click on the icon on the taskbar notification area will restore all CPT's windows after the Minimize All was done.

Show Window Locator When Bringing up Existing Window

If checked, will show a little animation to indicate where the window is currently located if you try to open a window that is already open.

Ribbon Show/Hide Resizes Window

The ribbon menus can be hidden or shown again in CPT windows. This settings determines whether the window is resized when you do that or not.

Prompt if Quotes on a Poirtfolio Stay Inactive for Extended Time

If checked, this will cause a warning to pop up if the quote source is active on a portfolio window, the market is open, but no quotes came in for a while.