Ribbon Menus

Ribbon Menu


The ribbon is a Microsoft(TM) innovation that appeared in MS products such as Word and Excel around 2007. We decided that it would work well with ChartPattern Trader, because it would expose all the various features and options to the regular users while it can also be hidden and used with keyboard shortcuts only for advanced users and those who value the screen real estate.


Ribbon - general

The ribbon menu is situated at the top of every major ChartPattern Trader window. In the example above you can see it used in a Chart window.



Each ribbon has several Tabs. Clicking on a tab selects it and brings up its options.


The options in each tab are grouped into Sections by similar functionality/purpose.

Ribbon Minimize/Restore Button

The ribbon can be minimized by pressing this button. When the ribbon is minimized, only the tabs show. Clicking on a tab would bring up the tab's options. Minimizing or restoring the ribbon can also be done by pressing the key-F11 button or double-clicking on the tabs (Main, View etc. in the example above).
NOTE: you can choose whether the window will resize itself vertically when you minimize/restore the ribbon menu. That option is in the Settings under Application / General - towards the bottom, Ribbon Show/Hide Resizes Window

Settings Launcher

This little button, when pressed, will pop up the Settings window that is relevant to the section.


Each window's ribbon has the Dashboard button that, when pressed, brings up CPT's Dashboard. You can also do that by pressing the key-F12 button.


Pressing this button will bring up the context-appropriate help page. You can also do this by pressing the key-F1 key.

Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

The panel on the left side of the form's caption that has quick access options that the user can customize. Some options (such as Link (LinkPinIcon) and Trace (LinkTraceIcon) buttons are common to several types of windows and can be placed or removed from the QAT by using the QAT Menu Button. (See Linked Windows for more on the Link and Trace buttons functionality).


Other options, specific to a particular window, can be placed on the QAT by right-clicking on the option in the Ribbon and selecting the Add to Quick Access Toolbar option.


To remove the option from the QAT, right-click on it and select the Remove from Quick Access Toolbar option.

Action+Menu Buttons

Most options that you can see on the Ribbon tabs are self-explanatory. The Action+Menu Buttons may need some explaining.



Ribbon - Backfill


Clicking on the upper part of this button will do the default option (activate the backfill). Clicking on the lower part of the button will bring up a sub-menu that is relevant to the action.


Ribbon Keyboard Shortcuts


Ribbon - shortcuts


If you press and release the key-Alt key, the ribbon will show the keyboard shortcuts that are assigned to it. In the example above, the Chart Type selection and the Indicators button are added to QAT. The key-Alt shortcuts for the QAT are the keys key-1, key-2, key-3, key-4 and key-5, and the shortcuts for the tabs are the keys key-M, key-V, key-D and key-T. That means that if you press key-Alt-key-V, the View tab will open, and if you press key-Alt-key-4, the chart's Type selection will drop down.


Ribbon - shortcuts section


If you click a tab's shortcut (for example, key-Alt-key-M for the Main tab in the example above), the tab's keyboard shortcuts will show up. Just press the shortcut's key.


So - on a chart, for example, as shown above, pressing key-Alt-key-M and then key-T will open the chart type selection.