Charts are the workhorse and one of the main features of ChartPattern Trader. Our efficient implementation allows you to easily run dozens or more real-time charts at the same time on an average PC. The number of concurrently open charts is only limited by your CPU and memory.

ChartPattern Trader has two kinds of charts available:


Intraday Charts - these allow you to see minute-to-minute (or second-to-second) trading of the security. The charts are constructed from market data that is received both from the real-time streaming quotes and from backfills that your data source provides. These charts update in real time with every quote. The maximum number of days of data that an intraday chart can show is currently 120, though the default is 60 for performance reasons.


Historical Charts - show end of day data with a minimum resolution of one day per candle/bar. The last candle/bar may be updated in real-time, depending on the setting in General Charts Settings.


Everything on the charts is fully configurable - ribbon/toolbars, colors, indicators, and various other features that can be shown.


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