Saved Orders

ChartPattern Trader allows you to pre-define and save some orders so they can be easily retrieved for placement and execution. This is similar to Hotkeys and in fact uses the same editor as Hotkeys. The difference is that the Saved Order does not have to be assigned to a key and can be retrieved by a couple of mouse clicks.


Saved Orders - click


To get to saved orders, on any trading window (like Trade Ticket, Chart, Level II, DOM) click on the green gear icon greengear16 either in the Trading tab of the ribbon menu or in the order type list, and it will bring up a list of stored orders menu for this type of window:

Saved Order - menu

If this menu is brought up on a trade ticket, there will be an option to Create New Saved Order - selection that will make a new Saved Order from the fields that are filled out on the trade ticket and allow you to give it a name and modify it.
As you move the mouse over the existing Saved Orders, some action icons will show up for each.



fill in the fields in the trade ticket from selected Saved Order (if on Trade Ticket or Level II window)


drop the selected Saved Order if on Chart or DOM window (don't send it to broker yet)


sends the selected Saved Order to broker


show the Description from the selected Saved Order


take the currently filled fields in the trade ticket and save them in the selected Saved Order


edit the selected Saved Order


delete the selected Saved Order


Double-clicking on a Saved Order in the menu will fill or drop the order.